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was further out than you thought
and current-caught
not knee-deep
but out to sea
slipped off the boat we bought
water water everywhere
but nowhere a drop to drink
i’m floating wrinkling uncomfortable
i’m sinking and sinking and sinking

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i was everything you never wanted

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Dinosaur Jr. - Mardi 24 Septembre 1991 - Elysée Montmartre (Paris)

La setlist du concert de Dinosaur Jr. :

Severed Lips (Dinosaur – 1985)

Kracked (You’re Living All Over Me – 1987)

Freak Scene (Bug – 1988)

Whatever’s Cool With Me

Water (Green Mind – 1991)

Budge (Bug – 1988)

Blowing It (Green Mind – 1991)

I Live for That Look (Green Mind – 1991)

The Wagon (Green Mind – 1991)

Thumb (Green Mind – 1991)

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Sinead O’Connor, 1988
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Sinead O’Connor, 1988

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I thank you for letting me know 
What a shithead I really am 
It had to come out of your mouth 
For me to internalize it 

Cause I always respected you 
And I will always love you 
But you will never love me 
Cause I do not deserve it 

And I cause destruction 
Everywhere that I go 
I am like a giant monster 
Having no conception about how powerful I am 

There is no excuse 
For acting the way that I do 
I wish I could go back to time 
To make sure I never hurt you 

I have no business 
Being so goddamn self-righteous 
Maybe karma was real all along 
And my anxiety and depression’s just the universe 
Telling me that I need to get my shit together and 

This is not a pity party 
I am not the victim 
The victim’s the rest of the world 
That I cannot stop hurting

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Lucky Number Nine // The Moldy Peaches

Hey, I’m starting to feel okay

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raccoon kissing fawn
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just installed this beautiful yellow gold with green tourmaline septum piece from BVLA

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